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Let me introduce myself.让我自我介绍。 My name is Goldie.我的名字是goldie 。 I was born and raised我出生和长大
in Bangkok, Thailand.在曼谷,泰国。 I have been an escort for five years traveling我一直护送五年游
the world and entertaining gentlemen.世界娱乐嘉宾。 I have been with some of the我已经与一些最
wealthiest men to visit Thailand and I have been with many celebrities最富访问泰国,我已经与许多名人
and I have learned how to make men happy.我已经学会了如何使男人快乐。 I have settled down now我已安顿下来,现在
with my husband and decided to use my experience in my own business.我的丈夫,并决定以我的经验,在我自己的生意。

I know how to make a man happy.我知道怎样使男人快乐。 I know what a man expects whether我知道一个人是否预期
at a dinner date, traveling on holiday or simply behind closed doors!在一个晚宴上的日期,旅行度假或干脆闭门造车! I
have decided to teach all of these skills to my girls ..已决定教导所有这些技能,以我的女孩.. my Golden Girls of我的金色女孩
Bangkok, I have personally recruited and trained my girls, all of them曼谷,我曾亲自招募和训练我的女孩,他们都
beautiful, polite and VERY ABLE!美丽,礼貌和非常能干!

Goldies' girls are the finest in Bangkok .... goldies '女孩优秀曼谷.... Don't waste your time不要浪费你的时间
and money on bargirls and streetwalkers featured on other escort花钱bargirls和娼妓精选其他护送
sites.地点。 My girls are all high class professionals and models.我的女孩,都是需要高度专业级和模型。

My newest features include some of the finest GENUINE lesbian我的最新功能包括一些最优秀的真正女同志
duos that enjoy each other and you can join in all the action... duo享受对方,你可以参加所有行动… …
some of these girls can meet couples for enjoyment also!其中有些女孩能满足夫妻享受也!

Be sure to check out my DUOS section!务必要检查出我duo节!

There are many ways to find girls in Bangkok and throughout Thailand有很多方法可以找到女孩在曼谷和泰国各地
but only one with this degree of beauty, politeness and willingness.但只有一个具有这种程度的美丽,礼貌和意愿。
My Golden Girls have worked at some of Bangkok's highest class我国黄金女孩已经在一些曼谷的最高阶级
establishments, some are students looking to expand their场所中,有的学生希望扩大其
worlds and others are high class models.世界其他高级轿车。

So, if you desire the finest call me.所以,如果你渴望办成叫我。

Kisses and hugs,亲吻和拥抱,


"Madame to the stars, sophisticated businessmen and travelers that demand the absolute finest ........." "夫人向星级世故的商人和旅游者的需求绝对一流........."

"After years of running the MOST EXCLUSIVE outcall services in Bangkok I am proud that many of my customers are repeat customers every time they visit Bangkok........" "经过多年的运行,最独家outcall服务在曼谷,我自豪我的很多客户都是回头客,每次访问曼谷........"

MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE AND CALL US AT: (+66)(81) 246-9041使你梦想成真,并呼吁美国在: ( +66 ) ( 81 ) 246-9041