H.L., Sweden
JO & PINK were beyond a fantasy. Two sexy, friendly girls that were definitely into each other as real bisexuals and two of the best pairs ever, both loving anal and great CIM is NOT easy to find legit, even in Bangkok but this pair went way beyond my hopes. Brilliant!!

Dear Goldie. My 2 lovely angels TATA & MINT just left me...and for a shy guy like me, this was...actually you would need a poet to describe it...amazingly outstanding! W., The Netherlands
They walked in, lit up the room and immediately put a smile on my face. They were also full of smiles that promised so much and I was not disappointed! And their attitude – whatever I suggested/requested they agreed to willingly and enthusiastically – and had suggestions of their own. We started with each of them taking one side of me and kissing, licking and stroking all over, slowly, romantically, ending with double o and cim. When this moment arrived my whole body was just quivering with pleasure! We followed up with so many combinations - kissing, oral, 69, deep, rimming and anal that we never actually had ‘normal’ sex – 2 hours was not enough! And when the girls did get round to looking after each other one of them was also looking after me. Jo is an amazing all-round performer, Pink is a fantastic kisser (everywhere!) and has one of the most perfectly formed, hold-able, stroke-able, kissable, suck able pair of breasts I’ve ever seen. I’ve had many memorable experiences but my time with Pink & Jo surpassed all previous encounters – I’ll be back!

W.D., Germany
Tata & Mint ....very awesome last night! I now know what mind blowing really means now! The ladies far exceeded what I was expecting or hoping for..Thanks big time, it was an unforgettable experience for me!!

E.T., Spain
I had such a great time with Jo and with Angel - and am extremely happy with them and your agency. Apart from being beautiful, your girls are classy, attentive, intelligent, has no rush and have excellent skills. You are truly top of the leauge.

T.P., Austria
Thanks for the recommendation, Jo & Angel arrived on time and looked stunning. They were very accommodating to my wishes and spent the whole time they were with me making sure I was having a great time. The three some couldn't have been more fun! My previous girl from you was Ta who was also fantastic, super sexy and great company.
All your girls seem to have our pleasure forefront in their service and go out of their way to please. I've tried girls from other agents, but none of them gave their all like goldie girls!
Won't bother going to other agencies anymore. The goldie girls are definitely the best bet for a great time with beautiful girls in Bangkok.

R.K., Switzerland
I Want to personally thank both of you for everything..The 6 meetings you arranged for me were all superb!
Tata, Jo, Pink, Rose were each most enjoyable individually and as duos!!

F.O., Australia
In December I spent a couple of weeks in Bangkok. While there I booked two dates each with two ladies from Gold Escort – Pink & Jo. Both ladies were lovely, spoke excellent English and carried themselves with class. Pink was a fantastic GFE. She’s very sweet and sexy; a fantastic kisser, and great at oral - giving BBBJ - and receiving. We had dinner, went clubbing and had a great time dancing, finishing off the evening with fantastic sex. Overall, I’ve never had a better GFE. Jo was also fantastic. First time was a great GFE. The second time was more a mix of GFE and PSE. She’s also a great kisser, gives a great BBBJ and does anal like a real pro. On the second date she brought out some toys that she used expertly to drive me wild. Jo is very talkative. She’d be great with a quiet man who does not want to have to drive the conversation. All four dates were for 8 hours - so we would not feel rushed. Goldie and her husband were very professional and helpful. They really understand that they are providing a service and their success is in large part due to how well they treat their clients. Simply put, the way they present themselves on their website is perfectly accurate. They are expensive, but they provide the best girls and the best service. They may be too expensive for some men, but in my opinion they are well worth the price. You can be sure you are going to be with a lovely lady, having a great time with fantastic sex. Frankly, massage girls, bar girls and freelancers can’t compare. Next time I’m in Bangkok I will definitely use them again; and I will definitely try the duo service again.

G.L., UK
On your website one of the messages you convey is that whatever impressions I form from browsing the site, my actual experiences with your ladies will exceed these expectations. In an industry that over promises and under delivers, this is exactly how I would describe my experiences. The ladies look and sound lovely, sexy and very adept at pleasing their clients, and this certainly was the case.

F.D., The Netherlands
I enjoyed VERY much the evening with Ploy & Mint. Porn stars AND lovely at the same time! Will definitely see them again next time I am in Bangkok.

Thanks Goldie. I must say both Sandy & Tata were wonderful. Tata was a total GFE and was always willing to make me happy and please me. No rush and took her time, was
always smiling, looking great in uniform. Had great time with her. Sandy was equally wonderful. I must say that the best deep throat I have received in my life is from Sandy and she understood exactly how I wanted it. A real gem with a kinky side.

A.S., UK
The reason for me to write this email is to thank you for the wonderful suggestion on the selection of the girls. Both the girls Nancy & Jo were great . They were very pleasant and without any fuss took to providing the maximum enjoyment . And the girl Jo .... she came up with some special tactics that made me quite excited and ready within a matter of just 15 minutes for a second round. Special Thanks to you and tons and tons of thanks to the girls.

G.H., Italy
Hi goldie,
Your ladies were wonderful, i could see that they are well prepared and trained. Complete and gentle service, i enjoyed very much. thx again and talk to u next time when i will be in BKK.

Hi Goldie - Ploy and Sandy were fantastic AND fantastic, cant say enough! thank you very much.

A.K., Germany
Girls (Amy & Pink) were great. No, they were awesome - friendly, funny, sexy, active, playful, hot, and more than I ever expected.

A. El. J., Dubai
Hi there,
Jo and Pink indeed where amazing and I had a great great time!

D.G., Australia
Hi Goldie,
Just a quick note to say thanks and had a fabulous time with Lisa and Pink. They arrived promptly, were a barrel of fun and very personable. Not to mention stunning in their cute outfits. I'd say the three of us hit it off nicely. Will definitely be in touch when next in Bangkok; not too distant future, I hope.

Hi Goldie,

As my booking with AMY & ANGEL will be my last before i head home i just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help. I know you probably get plenty
of emails like this but the reason i wanted to send this is because unlike some other agencies who claim that they provide x,y,z services it has been my unfortunate experience this trip to discover this is far from the truth ( eg: claims of bbbj with cim that are in reality cbj is a common one ).

P.G., UK
I have never met any of your girls in the three trips i have made here so far who did not only provide ALL services listed but did so happily and without clock watching while also being respectful and just all round nice girls to spend time chatting with . My conclusion is that for my fourth trip i will use your agency exclusively and not doing so is my main regret of my whole trip .

F.T., India
Toon & Sandy are a perfect example . They are responsible for the most memorable night of my life and this includes the down time i spent just hanging out with them both. Your ad says it best " not the cheapest but the best" . Thanks again for everything and i will certainly be speaking to you again at some point .

Hi Goldie ... I visited Bangkok about two weeks ago and you arranged for me to meet Nancy & Amy at the President Solitaire. I just wanted to send you a short note of thanks, as I had an amazing evening. Both girls were absolutely fantastic, both together, and with me. Best night ever, and I
will certainly be in touch next time I'm in Bangkok.

T.I., Norway
You've got one very satisfied customer. The entire 2 hours was simply, sublime! Both Sandy & Tata were very accomodating, technically superb ( handjob and blowjob ) & really just eager to please! When I do swing by Bangkok again, Il know which agency to call.

Dear Goldie
I made one huge mistake when I came to Bangkok last weekend. The mistake was I booked only 2 of your girls for the 3 days. I should have booked atleast 3 more girls!!! Lisa & Pink were fantastic!!! I made the mistake of booking girls from 2 other agencies and I am feeling so stupid because of that...But thankfully the last girl I saw before I left was Lisa as a solo after my DUO with Lisa and Pink who made my
stay very very memorable!!

E.P., Germany
Goldie, your girls are so precious like diamonds...they know what the clients want...and they are attentive, ready to try anything, kind, patiently listening to my every word, hygienic, super sexy, clean etc etc..

C.Y., Ireland
Tata - such a cute little thing, who made me so comfortable from when she entered the door...her skin is so soft and her body is so flexible to accomodate me in every possible way....WOW. Sandy - Oh my God! I am having an orgasm just thinking about it now...she is persistent in her blowjob and her body is so captivating in the doggy position....i just wanted to keep hugging her and her
lips have been made for kissing..i dont think GOD created another pair of lips like that.

B.U., India
next time in Bangkok, I am asking for only your girls and NO ONE ELSE.. and I think you are charging way too low for the girls...i would gladly pay even 5000 Bhats per hour!!! They are worth more than that.

Your loyal customer

Hi Goldie,
as requested I send you a little feedback about my session with NOI and PLOY from last night. Overall I had a very good time with them. Anything that I had requested before was
provided without any discussions or complaints. You can see that both girls are used to work together and their service is very professional. Exactly what to expect from an escort girl.
Ploy is extremely gorgeous, probably the most beautiful girl I ever had sex with. Look like a model. Great body. Everything fits perfectly on her.

PLOY has a very nice body. She's beautiful as well, Great BBBJ with CIM.

I definately will recommend both your escort agency and Noi and Ploy to those who'd like to get advice for an escort service.

S.L., Sweden
dear goldie,

i had an excellent time thank you. the timing and the girls were perfect. JO and PINK were the real deal...awesome lesbian action. Again thank you for the wonderful experiance and looking forword for new similer experiances.

E.K., Australia
JO & PINK was the best girl on girl experience, even better than a porn flick. Doing Jo while she was doing Pink was too much, I shot my load with a double bbbj! WOW!

R.J., Germany
Hi Goldie, Just to let you know that my session with Sam AND Lisa was absolutely fabulous !
Nice girls, very professional and lovely personalities indeed and I must say Lisa rocked my world ! Just to let you know that all was indeed good and will be back for more of Lisa when time permits ! Many thanks for your professional service.

J.K., The Netherlands

thank you for JO AND ANGEL last night - enjoyed very much, especially ANGEL! will call again when next in BKK.

Hi Goldie, I just wanted to provide feedback on my appointment with PINK & JO. Both were attractive, attentive, and very skilled in their service. But I believe what stood out the most for me was their sense of humor and ease of conversation. As funny as it sounds, I may have enjoyed our conversations between our sessions more than the actual sessions themselves. This is saying a lot because, they are both VERY skilled in their work. I was thoroughly exhausted after our time together.

Please extend my thanks and gratitude to Pink and Jo. I look forward to seeing either of them in the near future.

If they are indicative of the rest of your staff, you have really put together an outstanding team of talent.

A.L., Germany
Dear Goldie,

I have had "threesomes" before in Bangkok and truly never had such an experience that PINK and JO gave me. Girl on girl was the real thing and they took very good care of me, never rushed, always friendly and loved it all. Especially the
duo bbbj!! And, the strap-on performance made me almost cum....which I did three times in 2 hours. Usually one is my limit. Goldie, Thank you.

K.G., Germany
Hi Goldie,

My apologies for the late reply, was a long flight back to Germany..

Both, Jo & Angel, were fantastic. I will definitely book again as soon as I am in Bangkok!! (“not the cheapest but the best” nails it on the head)

Angel is a little bit shy, which is very cute. l loved her slim figure. Above anything, she is a great performer!! The first thing she asked me is where I want to cum first, which completely turned me on (sorry there for my inappropriate use of language).

Sex was mind-blowing, great CIM skills and, worth mentioning, she really knows how to massage!

Thank you Goldie!!

Best Regards

R.K., Singapore
Great night with Toon and Sandy - thanks!

S.L., India
Both PLOY & JASMINE were a joy!!
Thank you for the excellent service!!! I will be sure to contact you again when I am in Bangkok.

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